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The Bright Side of Dyslexia

Dyslexia is one of the most common diagnosed learning difficulties in the UK, with an estimation of 4-8 % of school children having it. Thought of as a genetic disorder, and if you have the difficulty you have a 40–60% chance on passing it on to your children. Those with dyslexia have difficulties with, phonological awareness, verbal memory and verbal processing speed.
A few experts have argued that dyslexia is not a problem with thinking but merely a different way to thinking in which other skills are utilized. The current education system revolves around areas in which dyslexia students may struggle such as reading, writing, memorizing lists, organizing skills and planning.
The skills which dyslexics tended to have an advantage with are creative thinking, visual awareness, problem solving and verbal communication. These tend to only be touched upon in some subjects, typically art and design, media, computing, physics and math.
Studies have shown that dyslexics use different areas for their brains, most commonly the right hemisphere, associated with creative thinking. Dyslexics often have good verbal skills, good social skills, think laterally and solve problems, understanding of the ‘big picture’ and good visual reasoning and awareness skills.
With help dyslexia is not a disability and can just be seen as a different way of processing your thoughts. It can sometimes be a help not a hindrance, although still present with difficulties.

The Brief
You are asked to develop an advertising campaign aimed at those with dyslexia and their method of thinking to help educate them about their own difficulties and the advantages in thinking differently. While educating those with dyslexia it should also look at help creating a more positive attitude and awareness for the rest of the population.
This is an aim to boost confidence and raise awareness of problems as well as solutions and quick tips. For those without this learning difficulty it should let them know the positives and dismiss incorrect preconceptions. They should all be linked and clearly be apart of the same campaign.

Over this project, you should evolve strong problem solving skills in looking at particular target markets and specialised design ranging from posters to video. Helping you to build up a system where you can apply a strong visual design over selections of media with a clear visual identity. Making clear messages that should be understood at a glance by intended audiences. Making sure it ranges over all ages and gender.
Submission Specification
(Intended outcomes)
Produce an advertising campaign that helps dyslexia awareness amongst those who have dyslexia and those who are unaware of the pros related to dyslexia using things such as:
• TV ad.
• Poster campaign

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