To expand my capabilities and skillset I have been going through a course by Logocore. Choosing from a selection of mock creative briefs 'Scarlet' stood out for me. A Visual effects studio base in Manhattan that was about to split the the company in to two divisions. Looking for a logo that could be very flexible and responsive within the those two and possible other future sub divisions. the first two logos being 'Scarlet VFX' and 'Scarlet Raycast'

Scarlet was an already established force with in the industry. So it would also have a trusted, reliable and professional outcome. The use would be from a very business perspective (business cards, letter heads, mugs, pens etc.), social media and possibly on apparel for staff and customers. It would also be used in the software that had been developed. The colour had to primarily be a red. Other than the name the colour red in film production has strong connotations, it means doing, we are film, we are recording, we are getting this done. A secondary colours needed to add a more approachable feel as red can be quiet aggressive. The main purpose was its adaptable application. I felt simple was the best way forward and looking at word marks as the main changes would be the most fitting. This is epically important for potential growth and expansion of divisions.

Once I was happy with a ribbon like shape that had an optical illusion quality to it I expanded with in those shapes. All angels are at 30 or 60 degrees. Isometric means the three axis vary in the same portion so it reads as the create forum. I expand that out points within the word mark to ego the concept and link the two together. The reverse of white on red feels very fresh and has enough of a contrast vs say black. The third colour choice of navy was to give the red some depth 
to work against but not make it a harsh colour.

Thank you for your time!
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