Fire Station Creative, a studio space which I'm part of, hosts an open studio once a year. I offered to design the poster, social media elements and banner to promote the event. The studio is inside an old converted fire station. It's not that old though, as can I remember it being fully functional as a kid. There is a wide range of artists and creative practitioners in the fire station, all very talented professionals that want to have local engagement while being seen on the larger art stage.

Clock wise: Christi MacPherson - fine art photography, Linda Pettie - fine artist, Marion Barron - fine artist, Rachel Henderson - rachel henderson interiors

The main challenge was to show the variety in the designs, while also displaying the quality of work to expect. There is an exhibition space downstairs where the fire engine used to live, and there was a desire to create some intrigue to bring those visitors upstairs to where we work. The other element I wanted to display was the array of work there was to see and use some of the imagery that was of such a high standard within the design.

From left to right: Angela Learoyd - jeweller,  Bee Hayes - asthecrowsfly, Kelly-Anne Cairns - fine artist, Rachel Henderson - rachel henderson interiors

From the get-go, I had envisioned overlapping imagery and text. 'Open', as a word, is quite inviting and approachable. For the majority of the year, the studio spaces are hidden away so that people can work without distractions. This design was all about enticing the public and creating interest in the coming event.

From left to right: Angela Learoyd - jeweller, Valerie Russell - fine artist, Jenn Knox - photojennik, Caroline Finlay - jeweller, Sue Crawley - sunshine designs 

The other aim was to look like high-end art institutes while tying into the fire station established branding. The red was important for this since it's the main colour used for the fire station. I didn't want to use any other colour so I kept the grey which complements the wide selection of artwork and imagery used in the design.

From left to right: John Pettie - fine artist, Clarabella Christie - textile designer,  Bee Hayes - asthecrowsfly, Catriona Maciver-Whyte - CatMacDesign (me)

Artist imagery links referenced throughout Photo by 🇨🇭 Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash
Phone mock-up from
Banner fabric mock-up 

Appreciations would be appreciated, Thank you for your time

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